🎄 2023 Wrap-up and Season Greetings 🎄

As there were no longer-term mandates this year, I was able to focus more intensively on current developments in the steel sector, mechanical and plant engineering, renewable energies, decarbonisation and AI applications and to expand my network.

In addition to specific trade fair visits in Germany and some EU countries, travelling to Singapore and HongKong (incl. Shenzhen and Macao) were among the absolute highlights. The exchange with old and new friends gave me important insights into current Asian market conditions, especially China, which laid the foundation for interim or long-term projects. More is planned and countries like India and Africa are in the focus for 2024.

However, much will depend on how the geopolitical situation in the world develops and whether people will stand up for democracy, peace and freedom in the upcoming 2024 worldwide elections, especially in the US and the EU parliament as well as some individual European countries. 🤞

I am very grateful to my wife for her love and support, to all my friends and dialogue partners inside and outside the network for their time, input, suggestions and the very interesting and valuable exchange of ideas. 🙏 I look forward to more of this.

Until then, I wish you all a relaxing holiday season and, above all, a good health, Equilibrium and many happy moments in 2024.🥂